Our Gallant Grade 4 Side!



Finally the extended Pennant season is over. The weather won on the first day of the playoffs and made life difficult for us all over the coast. Our Grade 4 side had the worst of the conditions and were required to play in awful conditions for their first match. Commonsense prevailed and play was suspended after 9 ends. Games were postponed until the next week when our teams picked up where they left off. Well done Grade 4 who after having to play 2 and a half games of 21 ends in the one day had to back up the next morning and play the leading team. They defeated Halekulani the eventual winners in an exciting finish to their competition. They came in 3 rd in a very gallant effort.



Left to Right


Judy Stannard, Linda McGrath, Yvonne Sargent (Replacement for Jan Curtis), Pam Dring, Margaret McCreadie, Judy Cameron, Julie Cox and Jean Fortis.